Fruit of The Womb


When it comes to flowers, Mother’s Day is bigger than Valentine’s Day.

According to the chart provided by Time, more people searched for “flowers” on Google around Mother’s Day than they did for Valentine’s Day. 

The difference is simple: Single people actually participate for Mother's Day!

Another reason is because some people decide to go all out for the important female figures in their life: Mom, Stepmom , Grandma , Mother In-Law. 

Budget aside Americans will spent a total of $17.3 billion on Valentine’s Day this year, with 37% of that going to flowers.

 Americans will spend a total of $19.9 billion for Mother's Day and two-thirds of this goes to flowers.

Flower sales would look very different without these two blossom-filled holidays. Combined, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are responsible for nearly 40 percent of annual flower purchases among top U.S. florists. As your e-commerce florist we want to offer you 10% for sticking around. Use Promo Code: BlogMaster at the end of checkout for a discount.

Bottom Line: Is that you can't go wrong with flowers from on either holiday. Don't just lean on Mother's Day. If you are single you can buy yourself flowers and too just because! Chalk it up to self-love, we won't say anything.


- Jorge Barreto

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